The Advantages of Hiring a Local Contractor

February 4, 2016

With so many businesses around, it is sometimes hard to decide on who to hire. When you need a quality job done, we recommend you hire a local contractor to help you with all your construction needs.

Some that are only here because of recent storm damage, may not be the best option for you. Here are a few of the advantages of hiring companies in your area:

  • You can get an honest opinion of the work they do. Often a friend or relative has had work performed by this local company. You can check the company out before you hire. It is nearly impossible to get a company history from out of state vendors. As a company from another city or state may have comments from people you do not know or they may not have any references at all.
  • You can see the work they do. I would hate to travel to Texas to see a roof installation job. Local contractors have  had projects where you can drive over and see the work.
  • You can get a licensed contractor. Out of state companies are not licensed to work here. Licensing protects homeowners from businesses who have had problems in the past. It helps you get a reputable company.
  • You get an insured company. Unrepeatable companies do not carry insurance. Insurance should be a minimum one million coverage to protect you and your property. If your home is damaged, their coverage should be high enough to cover the repairs. In addition, every year, construction workers are injured on home owner’s property. Home  owners are sued for the medical bills. Don’t let this happen to you, get an insured contractor.
  • You get someone familiar with city codes in your area. If the job is not competed according the local city codes, it will be your cost to pay for very costly repairs or a complete re-roof. Someone from out of town is not coming back to fix it.
  • You will get higher quality materials and products. People from other places do not buy here and do not have a good relationship with local vendors. They will install poorer quality materials to even out the higher cost. Local vendors gets better pricing on products and this is a saving for you.
  • You get someone who can help with your insurance claim. The out of town guys may tell you they are the only company who can work with insurance. This is simply not true. All roofing companies work with insurance claims. Actually, it makes sense that a local contractor may have a working relationship with your adjuster. This can lead to less time in processing your claim.
  • You have a warranty and someone who will come back. I have never seen a contractor from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma or any other state, who will come back and look at your home should you ever need them. Local people can and will come back to your home, if ever a need arise.
  • You have your money go back into your community. Money sent to other states will do nothing for our economy. The revenue will stay in your home town as local companies buy and sell here, keeping our community strong.

Hire local. Buy local. Save yourself A LOT of possible problems in the future.

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