Spring Maintenance: Roof & Gutters

May 22, 2017

Its spring again! This is a good time to do a little maintenance on you home. Clean the yard, wash the windows, and weed the plants.

What about your roof and gutters? In the spring it’s always a good idea to check the roof. Take a good look at the shingles; you can see them from the ground, no need to go on the roof. Gutters need maintenance too. Use these tips to check them both.

Check your roof’s shingles

  • Are they all there? Did any shingles blow off?
  • Are the shingles curling or cracking?
  • Are there any noticeable bumps or sags in the roof deck?
  • Is there a lot of granular missing? It looks like colored small bits of gravel you find them at downspouts.
  • Do you see any cracked rubber seals?
  • Is any flashing damaged?
  • Check the ceilings inside, are any ceiling water stained?

If your shingles are looking poor give us a call at A Better Way Construction & Roofing or our visit our website abw-mc.com for a free quick check-up.

Check your home’s gutters

  • Are the gutters missing or damaged?
  • Are they draining?
  • Are they leaking or rusty?
  • Are they needing cleaned out?

If you need us we can check the gutters and clean or replace them just give us a call at A Better Way Construction & Roofing at 402-432-6000 or 402-570-5813.

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