You Need to Call a Local Professional Roofing Company to Assess any Damage Due to a Recent Storm.


Sometimes roof damage due to a storm is obvious and can be seen from the ground. You still need to call a local professional to assess ALL the damage.


Sometimes roof damage due to a storm is not so obvious. You need to stay safe and call a local professional to assess the damage.

Do Not Go On The Roof!

It can be very dangerous to go on your roof. Most local professionals will give you a free estimate of damage. Take advantage of this and save on costly medical bills. It's a good idea to get more than one estimate. For more tips on what to do if you suspect your roof has become storm damaged, read our article: So the Storm Damaged Your Roof - What Do You Do?

Hire a Local Contractor.

When there has been a major storm, quick start and mobile "contractors" move into the area and some even go door to door trying to sell you damage repairs. Whether it be roofs, siding or other repairs that need to be completed, it is always best to work with a local contractor. They know which materials work best in the area, they have worked with local insurance companies before, they will finish the project (not take your money and run) and they will still be around tomorrow and next year...

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