Roof Installation

November 1, 2013

Yes, shingles are a very important part of your roof but there is more than just shingles to consider when replacing your roof.
The black tar paper underlayment is called felt paper, and is installed between the decking and the shingles. The old felt paper has been on your roof a long time is old replace it. Besides, we want to see the wood, your decking. At A Better Way Roofing, we tear off to bare deck. No one can see the deck if they leave the old felt paper on and the decking is your roof’s foundation. We want to make sure it is solid. Damaged wood should be replaced, not roofed over. It is not worth the integrity of your roof to not closely inspect and repair the decking just to reuse the felt and save a few bucks.

New felt is installed on all our jobs. So far, we are not comfortable with the newer synthetic felt products on the market. However l know how good old felt paper holds up over time. I would rather not test the newer products on your home. I can test them somewhere else.

Ice and water shield is great! This product is now required for most city codes, it prevents leaks from water back up under your shingles. The self-adhesive membrane self-seals around nails giving you a good water barrier and prevents problem leaks.

New flashing is needed with your new roof installation. Our company offers quality metals in a variety of colors to match your shingles or trim. Sure, it saves money to reuse your old rusty metal flashing but why take a chance with leaks.

Drip edge is the metal flashing that is installed on your rake edge. It give you a drip edge to help the rain water to drip off wooden trim instead of seeping in.

Gutter apron is the metal required on all gutter edges. This metal helps the water run off your roof into your gutter. Without this flashing the water would leak behind the gutter and rot your fascia wood.

Step flashing is used anywhere the roof meets a wall or any other structure. The L shaped metal is installed between the new shingles (shingle, step flashing, shingle) to give a snug seal against water.

Some step flashing that is under your siding will need to be reused, as we are unable to remove the siding to reinstall the flashings.

Boot collars are installed over roof stacks and PVC pipes. The most popular is the exhaust pipe for your bathroom toilet. We like replace our boots in complimentary colors to match your new shingled roof.

Painting your old roof stacks. Rusty old metal stacks from your furnace and water heater really stick out on a newly shingled roof. So we have accessory paint to match your new roof and a new coat of paint just freshens everything up.

We only sell high quality shingles from a reputable distributer. Quality products; with the best shingles on the market and a company representative who will be there for you, If you ever have concern about their products.

As you can see, a new roof is a package deal. The workmanship and materials are very important. Only quality will pass the test of time. A good clean up and removal of all the roofing debris and you’re good to go. Safe and secure with your new roof system and a great 5 year workmanship warranty.

Enjoy your new roof!

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