Our business is an Essential Business. People need to live in their homes more than ever we are staying safe and staying home. We need the roof, siding and gutters to protect the families and everything they need to safe haven inside. It is essential to have a proper place to live.

During this crisis, we needed to adjust our work and practices. We must take measures to help people protect their homes, while we stay safe and protect our work force and ourselves.

Our business is working on-line as much as possible. Scheduling our estimates by phone or email has always been a good form of communication. In these times we already have many great platforms to talk with our customers. We are lucky because much if this technology was already being used by our company for years. It is fairly easy to keep working without any problems.

Estimates are no longer scheduled to meet with customers. Proposals are emailed the customer. We no longer automatically meet with the customer for estimates. An outdoor home inspection can be done with homeowners at a proper distancing with no more than 3 or 4 people present. We can still schedule for interior work but indoor work has been put on hold. An exception can be made if the home is vacated with no one living inside.

Our customers can be in contact with us with any questions via email or phone. Pictures are sent and received easily so everyone is informed about areas of special interest.

Our small crews are safe working at a distance of 6 ft or more apart from each other. Crews are always at a distance from home owners. Many of the homes we do are on a vacated home, where no one is around.

Our work orders are no longer done in person. We use online programs to order our materials needed for the jobs. Scheduling pick up and deliveries of dump boxes is all done by phone. Job monitoring is more accurate than ever with online pictures and videos. Only a few personal inspections are needed for each job done.

We hope this epidemic is short lived and soon everyone can get back too normal. Till then, stay safe.

If you need help, A Better Way Construction and Roofing will be here to help.