A good tip I have learned over the years is dark spots on the ceiling, are not always a roof leak. In the past everyone assumed all wet ceiling areas were a shingle problem. Now we know to look further when we see those nasty spots. Venting is very common for causing wet areas in the home. Without proper venting it may appear your roof is leaking.

We always do an attic inspection to check for proper air flow. 50% coming into the soffit and 50% hot moist air being expelled from the roof vents is great. A big tip is checking the vents! Are there roof and soffit vents. Are the roof vents working properly? Are the roof vents the right type for the home? Did they install enough roof vents? Are the vents cross venting from each other? Are there soffit vents there? Are the soffit vents even cut in? I make sure they are cut in properly. Then check if they are blocked with insulation, paint, tree debris, bird nests and any other strange items you may find.

It is good to check some other items that cause moisture. The bathroom vents that are run up to the attic and not out of the roof. Kitchens hoods need to be vented to the outside. Laundry produces a lot of hot moisture, check where the dryer vents are going to. All the moisture and hot air needs to be piped out of the home.

There are so many items in the home that can cause moisture…always check the house for venting problems too. Call A Better Way Construction & Roofing and we will do a fee inspection and find out what that wet spot on the ceiling is coming from.