Every year we help people with a non- construction type job: pests.

It’s amazing how many people get unwanted guests in their roof, siding, attic, soffit and overhangs just to name some hiding spots. They destroy wood, tear up shingles, rip up siding and make holes in attics and other costly repairs.

Be aware... it's important to monitor your roof and attic for any signs of animal damage. Overtime these pests can cause major damage to your home, primarily in the attic area. These types of losses can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Most major insurance policies no longer cover pests; Such as bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, rodents and insects.

Pests are bothersome but they do respond to preventative/remedial measures and really aren’t as scary or dangerous as homeowners may think.

Birds: These guys just want to build a nest. Most will leave when the nest is removed. Pigeons are a little harder but keep in mind they can’t see a thing in the dark. Wear gloves and covering them with something a blanket works and remove them from the home. Bird spikes can be installed to keep them form roosting at night on your roof.

Bats: These flying mammals don’t really attack people. With their poor eyesight and echo-location they prefer to stay away from us. Bats are a good “pest” as they consume 1,000’s of mosquitoes each hour but we don’t want them in our home. Placing a bat box home outside of the home will give them a safe place to go and most of the time they are willing move to the bat house.

Raccoons and Squirrels: Don’t feed the squirrels and keep food out of your yard. Pick up dog food, cat food and bird food. There are many ideas on the internet to keep squirrels and raccoons off your property. Like a lot of pests they too want a place to live and they like your home best. These little fuzzy guys can squeeze through cracks and holes 3 inches wide. Check your house often seal up and screen over all openings. They are curious and hungry, so live traps work to re-home them to a new location.

Rodents: They have been around longer than we have and they can take over real quickly. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your upkeep; you just live in an area with rodents. They can squeeze through small holes no bigger than your fingertip. Trap, bait and remove if you can or just call a pest control service to help.

Insects: Termites, ants, silver fish and water bugs are the main insects we experience. Keep your wood items dry, these pests like to eat wet wood. Don’t pile debris around you home: insects love to live in rotted vegetation and junk. So keep it clean! Have your place treated by a professional and get on a scheduled for maintaining the problem.

It’s ok to ask for help and hire an expert to help you eliminate pests.

Keep an eye on your home and seal up any holes, cracks and damage quickly, to save yourself costly big repairs.

raccoon in the attic