The home looks out over a golf course. Roomy cathedral ceiling, skylights, canister lighting in the ceiling the living room is breathtaking, except for the stains in the ceiling.

The customer states "We just bought this place and theshingled roof is new, how can it leak like this? It's leaking inside and it's not even raining outside."

It's the venting or lack of it.

A home's attic needs constant airflow to get rid of moisture and heat, Heat builds up in the attic space but the air conditioners on — it's cool in the home.

When the hot hits the cold it produces condensation, you now have water dripping inside (This is much like the moisture on your cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. Hot and cold produce drips of water)

It's best to have 50% intake from the lowest part of the roof and 50 % exhaust from the highest part of the roof. This prevents the moisture from forming.

To balance your airflow you must have vents.

The hardest part is adding shoot for the air to move through. Since there is not attic in cathedral roofs, shoots should be added while the home is under construction.

Adding a vent shoot at a later date, is a little tricky. You may have to remove the decking on the roof, check the insulation and add shoots. After that is accomplished, we have air circulation.

Next we need to box off the canister lights — lights make heat. We want our airspace cool. In addition the heat will melt snow, creating ice dams.

Last step, we added ridge vent to expel the hot moist air and soffit vent to bring in the cool air. Then we need to re-deck and re-shingle the roof.

It's Magic — no more leaks raining in the home.