You have that big old storage building,
maybe a wonderful old barn, or just your shed roof. The building is in good shape but the roof is showing its age. The roof is looking pretty rusty and it’s starting to leak now.

Should you replace the metal roof?

A new metal roof will cost thousands.
The cost of metal has increased over the past few years making a new roof pretty expensive.

What if you could keep your roof?

Well, in most cases, you can.
Elastomeric roof coating will add new life to your old metal roof. We can resurface it and save it. The application will give your metal roof a bright new white finish or we can even tint the product to match most any color of roof you desire.

How’s it work?

The new membrane system works by priming, reinforcing and sealing your metal roof. Elastomeric compounds can seal cracks, small holes, joint and seams to water proof your metal roof surface. This coating seals out ponding water with its flexible membrane. Help prevent damaging UV rays.

Will it save me money?

The new roof will look great and also save you money. On a sunny day a black roof can reach 170* F but the highly reflective surface of the roof coating can be as low as 110*F. As a result, lower interior temperatures and lower energy bills. Save 30, 50, 70% or more and reducing the wasting of energy.

To calculate your savings, visit the ENERGY STAR web site at: