For those of us who love camping, it's time to get out in the great outdoors. It is important to be prepared for those spring showers. Make sure you have your camper and trailer roofs checked for leaks.

Yes, over time camper roofs, metal roofs, trailer roofs and many other roofing surfaces can wear down and leak. The sun works on all roofing materials, wearing them down. The harsh sun's rays can eat up any roof surface over time.

You're in luck! A Better Way Roofing can fix all your roof surfaces. Elastomeric roof coating (TOPCOAT®) provides a long lasting waterproof membrane to protect your roof from nature's elements.

Our white reflective roof coating reflects the sun's rays which will make the interior of your camper or trailer much cooler. It's amazing how much cooler your place can be. A Better Way Roofing can save you money on your air-conditioning costs.

Our spray on technology gives you even coverage in minutes for a protective 2 or 3 coat application. It's like a roof in a pail that will last and keep you dry and cool for years to come. So you can go out and enjoy the summer.