Here in the Midwest we get a great deal of storms, many of these storms threaten our home with high winds and hail.

One good solution to protect your roof is Hail Impact Resistant Shingles (IR) commonly referred to as Class 4 Shingles. These products are made to bounce back when the hail hits. They are made with modified asphalt which is a special blend of asphalt and rubber mixed. In addition to being flexible they also have enforced sealing strips to bring the wind ratings up. Most have maximum wind warranties at 130 mph (or Class F) to withstand even the worst storms. For even more protection look for the shingles with the Class A fire rating, these shingles do not burn.

Normal shingles rupture and crack with visible damage to the fronts and backs of the shingles. When the high winds blow, these other products lose their grip and blow off. Older shingle product will fail, when put to the test of a nasty hail storm. That leaves you to pay the high cost of having yourroof replaced.

Class 4 shingles passing the UL2218 test have additional potential savings to you. Don’t be fooled — buy only high quality shingles from a registered shingle distributor. Qualifying shingles can save you 5-30% on your insurance premiums — check with your insurance agent to see how much money you can save.