Hail damage will not be visible from the ground. Your roof may not immediately leak from the damages.

Hail storms pit and fracture the granular surface of anasphalt shingle. The damage will loosen the protective granular (tiny ceramic pieces embedded in the shingle to protect the surface.) causing premature failure.

Shingle granular protects the asphalt in shingles from sunlight and UV light. Once the granuals are removed the asphalt is exposed. Asphalt deteriorates very quickly when exposed.

Hail storm damage will shorten the life of your roof. Many shingle manufactures will void their warranty when exposed to acts of God such as hail storms. New roofs, installed only 1 day before the storm, can still have damage and your warranty may no longer be in effect. Unfortunately, the damages may not show up for 2 to 3 years later.

Most insurance companies require homeowners to file a claim within 180 days of the date of loss. Failure to turn in a claim can leave you with an expensive roof to replace out of your own pocket!

Signs of a hail damaged roof:
* Missing areas of granules on shingles.
* Missing and damaged shingles
* Dimples and pits on shingles.
* Excessive granules at gutters and downspouts (some people report pounds of granular)
* Dents in metal trim, vents, boot collars, gutters, door and window trim can all show signs of hail damage.