A Better Way Roofing and May Contracting have been solving roof leak problems for over 30 years here in Lincoln Nebraska. As a roofer, we have see some pretty great leaks!

Most leaky roofs are easy for us to fix. Usually we can find them in 15 minutes or less.

Sometimes we encounter problems that people have been trying to fix for years, but no one has any idea why the roof could leak. The shingles look great but the roof is leaking.

Since it was built...

We looked at a roof on a beautiful two story brick home built on a 20 acre lot in the country.

I later find the roof had been leaking since it was newly built. The roof's valley ran into the garage wall. Well this is always a problem, an architect's bad idea, but we can fix it. We roofed the area.

Later we get a call that it is still leaking a little. We inspect the roof; no way can it be leaking. We run water on the shingled roof but no water leaks into the home. I can't get the roof to leak. There is no attic access so we can't inspect inside. How can it leak?

Most of the home is brick — maybe it's in the siding.

Next we go out and remove the siding and run ice and water up the wall and re install the siding.

Months later, another call — it is still leaking. After an inspection we still can't find a leak and can't see in the attic. Keep trying. We make one small repair.

A few more months go by and it leaks again. Now we explain we need to cut your ceiling out and see why this is leaking. They agree. We run water on the roof nothing but there is a wet spot on the ceiling. Then we run water on the brick wall —we find a brick with water running down it. There is a hole in the brick!