It’s that time of year again; time to hang the Christmas lights!

Before we get to work let's go over some tips to help you safely decorate the house for the holidays.

  • Don’t work on the lights alone, have someone there to help just in case you fall or get tangled in the lights.
  • Always check the roof before you climb on up. Are the shingles frosty; is there any ice or snow? Make sure the roof is dry and safe to go on. Better yet, stay off the roof and hang the lights from a ladder if you can.
  • If you work from a ladder, tie the ladder off. Wind can blow a ladder can leaving you stuck on the roof or causing all sorts of problems if it falls.
  • Don’t nail or staple anything into the roof, fascia or metal flashing. Every year people damage their roof and metal. This causes roof leaks. The cost for roof repair or install a new roof is expensive, so be careful.
  • If you really feel you have to go on the roof, be careful where you walk . Remember, cold shingles can crack and split in colder weather.
  • Watch those light cords, they can tangle you up. Tripping is not a good idea, especially if you decide to go on the roof.
  • Water and electrical don’t mix, be safe. Do not run lights, extension cords or any electrical items inside the gutters.
  • Duct tape is wonderful and works on so many items but don’t use it on the roof. This adhesive will remove the protective granular on your shingles and cause more expensive repairs for you.

When you get right down to it, maybe it is cheaper and easier to hire someone to install those lights. It may save you thousands in roof damage to your home's roof.