Over the years, we have gone to many people's homes to look at a lot of leaks.
Or most popular problem is “The Small Leak in the Bathroom Call”

This leak is usually the plumbing boot collar. The sewage vent stack, that comes up through your roof from your bathroom toilet, has a flashing called a boot or boot collar. These boot collars have a neoprene seal where the stack meets the boot collar.

Neoprene is a soft, black flexible rubber. Black absorbs heat faster than any other color and is “eaten up” by the sun quickly — usually within 8 to 10 years. When the sun radiates on the rubber seal, it cracks. When there is a crack in your plumbing boot collar, it will cause a small leak in the bathroom ceiling.

In the old days, boot collars were made out of lead and they would last forever. They did not look great but they were a good product. With newer products and technology, we no longer see the old lead products.

Don’t worry boot collars are easy to repair. You can change the boot out and install a new boot collar on the roof or we can install a black boot cover over the boot. The cost is reasonable and a sure fix for the leak in your bathroom.

Please don’t let someone patch it with duct tape, apply a ton of tar over it or caulk it with something they had in their bathroom.

Give us a call — we are happy to help you fix any leak problem you may have.