It’s that time of year again! The days are getting shorter, children are back in school, and weather is getting cooler. Looks like fall is here, time to decorate for Halloween, take out the garden, rake the yard and don’t forget to clean the gutters.

Yes, gutter cleaning is important part of your fall routine, all those leaves can cause havoc for your gutter and maybe even cause some water leaks.

Every year many people have water damage from clogged gutters. Pressure from an over stuffed gutter, can cause sags and bends that damage gutters, causing them to over flow. Overflowing, clogged gutters can damage the home's foundation and can bring water into the basement. More water can back up into your fascia and soffit, many times this is not noticed till it’s too late and you end up with costly wood repairs. These leaves and debris in your gutters can even, make water to back up under your shingles, leaking into the homes interior and costing more expensive repairs.

Gutter screens and gutter guards are always helpful. Some brands work better than others, but none are 100% perfect, so you should always check all gutters for leaves and debris. It’s worth a little extra time to clean those gutters every fall. Its a good idea to check the gutters many times each year: spring, summer and fall.

If you are unable to clean the gutters. No problem, just call A Better Way Construction and Roofing and we will clean the gutters for you.