I got a call from a homeowner that said “I think we are having a moisture problem in our attic” When I took down the information it occurred to me…we re-roofed that house 5 years ago.

When we came over to inspect the home the roof looked great. Their new ridge vent was properly cut in with a good quality vent and plenty of soffit vents cut in, both intake and exhaust should be working well to vent the attic properly. Well let’s check the attic again.

The attic is humid and warm and a small film of mold is starting to take hold. The insulation is low but it should not cause a problem of this magnitude. We can add install more insulation to keep the house heat from coming up here and keep the attic cool. . . the bathroom fan is not hooked up correctly, that's easy to fix, but that's really not enough to be causing the extreme amount of warmth and humidity present in the attic. I really don’t see any other problems. Let’s check some more.

Soffit vents are nice and clean I can see nothing blocking them. Let’s remove them and take a peek and see if the insulation is blocking them.

Wow! look at this soffit vent, 100% blocked! There's a big squirrels nest packed inside 8 of the soffit holes. Thankfully no squirrels were found, just a big nest. The previous home owner must have had more company than they realized living in the home. While the pests were gone, they left behind a mess in the soffit vents and this prevented any airflow from coming into the attic.

We took out the massive nest and the soffit vents now work, problem solved!

It's good to remember to always check what is beneath those soffit vents. If they are blocked they will do nothing to help vent your home. Many things can block these vents, paint, no hole cut, insulation, leaves, plant vines, cotton from trees, bird nests, oh yeah, and squirrel nests, too.

It's a good idea to check to see if your soffit vents are working. If you need some help, just call A Better Way Construction & Roofing!